Contract Catering - Offshore

Under a contract within certain prices and conditions, we provide Catering Services for our offshore clients round-the-clock. This includes :

Catering and Food Services
Housekeeping, Janitorial and Cleaning Services
Laundry Services
Food Provision/Supply
Catering Management Solutions
Food Procurement and Supply

The services we provided are up to international standards, complying with international customs, and meeting the catering needs of people with different-nationalities.

Our solutions and services are fully scalable and customized to your particular project requirements. From small exploratory rigs to full scale drilling platforms we apply the same level of care, dedication and commitment to every project.

Initial stocking up and start-up of catering and housekeeping services while the vessel is still in the shipyard
Full catering and housekeeping services during the tow/transit from the shipyard or initial location to the final location.
Crewing with Qualified and experienced personnel holding certifications in Food Safety, Safety at the workplace, Nutrition, First Aid, Public Health and other Safety Courses.
Ensure that all prepared food for the crew is safe, uncontaminated and healthy as per international standards.
Flexible logistic systems for supplies movement, with appropriate cooler/freezer and dry container capacity while maintaining proper stock levels onboard.
Pest control for accommodation, storerooms and kitchen

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